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Does Tao of Badass Work?

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Tao of Badass Review

"The Tao of Badass" is one of the best guides today because it teaches you how to pickup chicks, making you to know that respect and unconditional love are important qualities you must have if you are going to get a girlfriend long term and if you intend to establish a relationship that will lead to marriage and family. One thing you do not want to do is exhibit a lack of confidence in yourself because it is a turnoff for many women.

Lack of Confidence
This is one of the problems facing many men today, making it difficult or impossible for them to get the women they desire. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you should get The Tao of Badass to figure out why you are not confident when it comes to meeting women and starting dating relationships. Humility is a good quality to have if you are going to get a girlfriend because women are not attracted to selfish and arrogant men. Women want to know that men value their opinions and that the men are willing to admit when they are wrong about certain things.

Does Tao of Badass Work?
Stop Looking for Diamonds in The Wrong Mines
This is one of the important teachings of The Tao of Badass. If you want a high-quality girlfriend, you cannot expect to find her in the wrong places. If you go mainly to strip clubs on weekends, there is a high chance that you may not find someone to build a long-term relationship with although this is not true all of the time. The ebook teaches that you should always visit more wholesome places such as friends’ house parties, coffeehouses, public parks, your church or a relative’s church, at garage sales, or even at your job.

You should also choose a woman who shares your values and goals for the future. For example, if you have a good female friend who desires to marry and homeschool her children and her goals match yours, you should initiate a romantic relationship with her if you feel she could be interested. Some other secrets on how to handle this aspect are revealed in The Tao of Badass.

Have A Desire to Be Monogamous
Since fidelity is highly valued by most women in relationships, you should not pursue a long term girlfriend until you develop a desire to remain faithful to the potential girlfriend at all times. But, how can you maintain this standard? Well, The Tao of Badass provides the solution. If you have a habit of dating multiple women at once and breaking their hearts in the process, it is best to tell women who like you that you are not interested in a committed relationship at this time because it shows integrity. Reading The Tao of Badass, you will quickly know how to pickup women, and in addition to that, you will have a successful relationship.

What if I’m A Geek or The Brainy Type?
You want to be yourself and not change your beliefs, interests or personality in order to get a girlfriend because you want a woman who will like you for the person you are. Aside from this, it does not hurt to make slight changes to your physical appearance since this is what women see first when you approach them. If you are not fashion savvy, call a friend and invite him to go clothes shopping with you for new and trendy outfits that match your tastes. Get a haircut and shave treatment if it has been weeks since you did this. Develop new interests outside your usual geeky subjects but do not get rid of geek interests altogether.

Have Realistic Expectations
When searching for the right girlfriend, you should have realistic expectations and not a pop culture idea of what a girlfriend should look and be like. If you generally prefer blondes who have a sense of humor, keep an open mind and seek out brunettes with a sense of humor. If you normally date women of your own ethnic background but recently you have become interested in a woman from another country, put society’s biases and your own preconceptions aside and pursue the person.

How To Pickup Chicks

If you want a girlfriend who cooks and cleans perfectly, remember that not all women are skilled in this, but you should be willing to help her hone those skills in the best way possible. Additional information on this is revealed in The Tao of Badass, revealing many unknown secrets on how to pickup chicks.

Don’t Be Boring in Your Conversation
You need to be able to hold an interesting conversation with a woman if you are going to get a girlfriend. Go beyond just sports, politics and your hobbies. You can get hints on what to talk about just by hearing the woman talk. For example, if the potential girlfriend is discussing recent music festivals she attended out of town, talk about some of the events you attended and which performances you liked the most.

Have a sense of humor while talking since women like it when you laugh at yourself. But, how can you do these successfully? This is a big problem faced by millions of men today. With The Tao of Badass, everything becomes easy, and you will get your dream woman without any problem.

Is Tao of Badass a Scam

Avoid all negative or belittling remarks about the woman’s physical appearance because this is a sensitive issue for some women and you can ruin dates this way. According to The Tao of Badass, that is how to how to pickup women today. Instead, look at the positive aspects of her appearance and personality and compliment those. Be there for her when she is experiencing tough times and offer your resources when necessary. Spend adequate quality time with her if she has children, get to know them better as this is a good way to earn their respect. Finally, never force the issue of sexual intimacy but wait until she is ready to move to that stage in the relationship.